Ok we get it, you are tired of this memefest.

You should join Unity, not only is it a tiny bit more serious. It’s also a great server to get some serious feedback on your work. But, there is a different community on there. Be warned.

I'm convinced

In Unity, we come together to share artwork for feedback, talk about gaming, or to just simply talk to your friends!

The community is a big part of who we are. We host many contests and activities for people to get involved while also giving back to people who support us. Thank you for joining! We appreciate every member in our server and we hope you can truly enjoy your experience here. Have fun meeting new people and finding new interests all on one server!

Monsturr and Andrew founded the idea with the help of others. We are constantly finding new ideas for the server and making sure we can stay active. The main idea of Unity was to unite everyone in one server. Anyone from designers, gamers, developers, and also the average joes. We want everyone in the server to feel welcome and accepted.

What are you waiting for?

Join now!