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Welcome to the revived 2DFam Community project!

In 2016-2017 Lilian, Andrew and I were working on a project called 2DFam Community. It was supposed to be a big site for tutorials, project files, templates and more. It was supposed to be a free platform with a pay-wall. The community part was that everyone could submit articles and get rewards.

Why was it discontinued?

The project had many different phases. At first, it was supposed to be a standard 2DFam information site with a blog behind a paywall, we later changed this to a full site. We were struggling with the idea behind the site and who was going to use it. We started with a site that was supposed to be read-only, so written blogposts that featured tutorials and/or templates. We later changed this to a video site, which was a total disaster. We had many problems such as monetizing the platform (we were working with hidden YouTube videos, a Patron could easily leak the URL) or making the website even work in general. So we went back to a blog based site. We then came up with the community feature, everyone could share their templates or tutorials in exchange for exposure. Yeah, for exposure. We knew that wasn’t going to work out, so we were thinking about setting up a reward system. The more you wrote free articles, the better the rewards. This went from discounts on the shop and templates from 2DFam members to free stuff.

When we launched the site, it wasn’t working out. No one was really interested and the articles that were already written on it weren’t that great. It quickly died and never really came back. Although we did invest a lot in the idea, it was never really finished.

So, whats this then?

I was still thinking of reviving the project somehow, so we’re making the concept a lot more simpler and easier to manage.

Here’s the idea. Right now, the site will be free to use and you’ll be able to access the articles you like. Once we get the blog to work actively and get people interested we might roll out some Patron-exclusive articles or downloads.

What kind of content can I expect?

I would like to try to get as many 2DFam members involved. So articles / downloads may vary from Design to Advise (such as how to get more client’s interested in your work) to Music. Literally anything can be possible that we think is useful for the community. Just note that this doesn’t mean that everyone will contribute.

Sounds awesome! How will I be able to access the site?

Since the site is free you can just do anything you want.

When we roll out Patron-exlusive posts you can simply pledge at least 1$ on our Patreon and then connect your 2DFam account to your Patreon by clicking ” Unlock with Patreon” on a paid article. Boom, easy. If you haven’t logged in with an account you’ll be able to setup your account when you’ve connected with Patreon here: (we’re working on making this easier, just give us a moment!).

The link to pledge is on the bottom of this article.

Why would I want to pledge to 2DFam? What will you even do with the money?

2DFam is not just a group of friends, but also does alot of projects. Such as 2DFam Radio (which is now Jokinami Radio) and other sites like By supporting us we can keep making awesome projects and contests!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope we can make this project a real thing now and make it awesome! – Sam

Header image was created by Regal for the Jr Canest contest.


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