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What we do in 2DFam

Chatting & Shitposting

We talk with each other and share memes. Just like any other Discord server.

2DFam Radio

We have our own Radio station w/ Discord bot. Because we just need to share our terrible music taste.


We talk about Design all day to get attention to our YouTube channels with terrible intros. Ask for feedback, it can be useful. Trust me.

[thb_testimonial_parent autoplay=”true”][thb_testimonial quote=”imo i agree with 2dfam being better than unity” author_name=”Andrew” author_image=”237″ author_title=”Should be working on 2dfam radio”][thb_testimonial quote=”lmao” author_name=”” author_title=”not a botâ„¢” author_image=”241″][thb_testimonial quote=”Asolus is not fat” author_name=”Rian” author_image=”239″][thb_testimonial quote=”Can you drop me some hentai” author_name=”Falkin” author_title=”Professional Motion Designer” author_image=”42″][thb_testimonial quote=”2Dfam is like the peanutes in peanutbutter.” author_name=”Zenith” author_image=”43″][/thb_testimonial_parent]

BUT WAIT, there’s MORE

[thb_iconbox type=”left type1″ icon=”basic_clock.svg” animation_speed=”1″ heading=”Movie Night” description=”We have terrible movie taste and so do you, so we can share them with eachother in a bingewatch movie night. We literally watch anything. Even 50 shades of grey. Also this is probably the worst chat in whole 2DFam.” link=”|||” icon_image=”230″]
[thb_iconbox type=”left type1″ icon=”basic_elaboration_message_happy.svg” animation_speed=”1″ heading=”” description=”Are you fucking bored? Is your life complete of depression? Just go to and get a random meme every time you click. Patrons are able to upload webm’s too. But be warned as it can be NSFW lol.” link=”|||” icon_image=”229″]
[thb_iconbox type=”left type1″ icon=”basic_elaboration_message_remove.svg” animation_speed=”1″ heading=”Unity” description=”Are you done with these stupid ass memes that spam your inbox all the time? Join Unity with their wild adventure to become a professional server. Spoiler: it’s not working out lol.” link=”|||” icon_image=”231″]