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We are a collective.artists.a community.2DFam.

A bunch of different young creative artists who have come together to create a family! We love, design and share art!

What is 2DFam?


We are a collective of young Motion Designers constantly improving each others.


We have a public Discord server which anyone can join, talk with other designers and share art.


We love sharing music we enjoy, we have a weekly updated Spotify Playlist and a Radio.


We constantly have new idea’s that we make under the brand of 2DFam, stay tuned!


2DFam Discord server

The 2DFam Discord Community is a server with young designers, musicians and others. We love sharing art, music and games. The server is a place for you to get feedback on your art and for people to get to know you. Join today!

Join the 2DFam Discord

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